Yellowdog Flyfishing Adventures

Since moving to the US I have been waiting for Immigration. This has allowed wonderful opportunities to fish and enjoy Montana. However, with newly minted work papers - I am “chomping at the bit” to get my teeth into some projects.

Yellowdog flyfishing adventures - Jim and his team, have been waiting patiently for me to join them and in the coming year I look forward to joining him to launch an Australian program and support the NZ.

I’ve been able to join Tourism Australia to work out several signature programs and can’t wait to get back downunder to check them out and share them with anglers from around the world.

It’ll be good to support the NZ program too and my recent visit to see family allowed me to connect with partners. It always helps too when I get to fish!! More on that later.

It’s getting cold here in MT but the NZ season is just warming up. ….