Beginnings April 2018

Welcome to my first blog from the latitude 45 North! I will be looking to writing weekly on a variety of topics and keeping readers abreast of fishing adventures. I hope you’ll keep returning to check it out! As a new resident to Montana, from New Zealand I’m excited to share experiences and observations as the journey unfolds.

Just like in NZ, folks in Montana are super friendly and I have already met so many wonderful people – I’m feeling right at home! Off snowboarding later today!! …this place is truly an outdoor paradise!

After spending several months of summer in NZ and a week in Costa Rica (Ola!) I am settling into Bozeman life. I’ve managed to spend some time streamside on DePuys spring creek, the Gallatin (which is only walking distance from my house!) and the Madison. I’ve fished tiny midges to huge stonefly patterns and learnt so much already. Later this week I’ll be heading North and floating another river to throw streamers at good size browns. Should be fun!! Can’t wait to get the pics and share some of my observations with you.

Presently the weather is typically spring fickle with warm days and then snow storms. Of course theres no such thing as bad weather just bad gear and as you will see from the pictures from yesterday – we were warm in our waders and jackets …smiling in the super cool snow storm! The snow pack looks good for a great summer of fishing here and I can’t wait until some of my NZ mates arrive, in July, so we can fish some of the local hatches and throw dries at rising fish.

Its autumn (Fall) in NZ. I know this month my friends in NZ (45 South) will be busy tying small mayflies for the delatedium hatch on the Mataura. My favourite pattern is the simple CDC emerger pictured below. Periodically I will cover off happenings in NZ and write about recent adventures and ramblings “downunder”. I had a fun season in Southland for the months I was there and at times, the fishing was off the planet good with cold water and low flows. Early season was incredible and even when the rains came great fishing was had by those who knew where to look.

I’ve finally started “that book” we all have in us and I know a small taster will appear in a flyfishing magazine shortly. I hope you enjoy it when it is published and I’ll let you know when the magazine hits the stands. I’ve just read Bob Wyatt’s article online ( and echo his sentiments wholeheartedly. It’s a great piece. Approach and mindset to advance our fishing skill is the key to wonderful days streamside and successful angling.

In the meantime, thanks for checking in and I hope you will feel free to write to me, do keep reading my blog. I look forward to posting and taking onboard your comments.