Throughout life we are faced with a myriad of choices. Every moment is a chance to change and provide a better experience for ourselves and others. 

I've recently had the opportunity to volunteer for an organisation which supports post 9/11 veterans though flyfishing here in Montana. The Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation. I am extremely grateful that I have been able to participate and it was incredible to spend some time with the vets and other volunteers. Flyfishing and the places it takes us can truly reward us with experiences and friendships which stay with us a lifetime.

Moving to Bozeman, as a trout angler, wasn't a difficult choice. There are an incredible number of streams, rivers and still waters within a short drive and the fishing is nothing short of world class. Each day the opportunity to head to water - you are faced with many many choices. Not only location but the method you might choose to fish as well.

Yesterday Drew and I headed away from "run off" water and went to a lake. We were keen to chase rainbows and browns cruising the edges after "ice off".  What a great day! I didn't fish that well but Drew made the most of his opportunities and landed some super nice fish. What struck us the most was there were no other anglers - we were at a very popular spot.. (obviously not that day..!) 

Where were the other anglers? We saw boats at put ins and some folks plying the rivers with nymphs. Although they were in blue ribbon water - the water was high and coloured. We talked at length about the choices anglers make and what was the mindset to stick with a particular method or location when there were better options available.

I've done it myself. Stuck with large dries when I knew a streamer would work better. Refused to fish particular places because of my preconceived ideas of the experience...Was it a stubbornness? Pride? Or is it OK to choose because thats how we wish it to be...even though better may outcomes occur through different choices? Funny how a 2 hour long drive home can raise such philosophical discussions.

Flyfishing is like that.. you are so present when you are casting and fishing that when you re-enter the world, we always seem ready to solve its problems.