What makes a great fisherman's lunch?

I know in NZ I’m more than partial to pies and coffee. One good friend and I managed 13 pies from a single bakery over a weekend. Needless to say we’d had our fill but his reconnasaince of the number one award winnning pie shop and flavours was too much effort to pass up! We sampled many of the flavours but once again the humble steak and cheese is hard to beat… although the lamb curry was pretty delicious!

When guiding in NZ I’ve normally made sandwiches (vogels bread of course!) and with fresh fruit and a few sweets or bars – these have been well received. I havn’t yet found a bread I really like stateside yet so wraps have been my mainstay so far.

The thing I miss the most here in Montana is the humble meat pie. I’m sure there is an opening here and most folks I talk to, who have been to NZ, agree. Now I think I’d better get a recipe going and whip some up! If you have one for the pastry – please email me.

I really notice we anglers probably don’t hydrate enough while on the water. When I consider high performance in sport – hydration is critical. Enuring we maintain concentration requires us to keep up our liquids and usually for me my sugar levels – without them spiking. Slow release sugars work best and although I love my “gummy snakes” – I normally keep them for the walk home or an additional boost right at the end of the day.

When I find the perfect lunch over here stateside – I’ll be sure to let you know. If you have any suggestions – I’m certainly open to that.

Today I’m off to fish the Henrys Fork. A river I grew up reading about. Its going to be an adventure!