Back online

Apologies for such delay in writing! It has been a few weeks since my last entry and I have since travelled a number of new waterways. Hopper season is really starting to take off fishing is right at its peak here in Montana!

Back in NZ – I see the rainbows are running and friends are enjoying the “grab” as they swing flies on the Tongariro or chase XOS fish in the Twizel canals.

My goal is to write more consistently and also post pictures of the new flies I am tying since moving Stateside. In particular I have had some inspiration and help from one of the best young anglers I have ever met – Jake Walbridge . His caddis fly is incredibly effective, simple to tie and robust. Perfect!

Ny most recent adventure with S involved a 5 waterway adventure – in 48 hours. There was excellent fishing in each lake or stream we stopped at and several of the fish were well over the 16 inch mark…

Right now it is wonderful to be able to fish exclusively dries. My usual set up for the Gallatin presently is a Chubby with a small caddis behind. This rig is bringing me endless action and it’s pretty hard to chop and change from a proven combination.

I’ll be tying my own chubbies after today. That’ll be interesting and a challenge but I will post photos and you can be the judge. Of course ultimately it is the fish that decide… but as I din’t give them all the credit I look forward to any feedback.

Ciao for now…

I hope I will be back sooner rather than later…