Thanks to a very kind friend I have recently spent time in Alaska chasing Steelhead (or Sea run rainbows). Oh what fun!! I had been here 11 years earlier with the John and this was a wonderful return.

The river is small and the run is of a very good size. This year the fish were anything from 20-30+ inches and bright silver from the ocean. I landed several still with sea lice on them!!

Initially I used beads and nymphs to coax these fish to bite but over the week progressed to using almost exclusively streamers to swing for these freshies! I believe I found the bigger bucks were more likely to strike the streamers and they were incredibly strong in the tidal water.

I used black egg sucking leeches and then met Paul from “Fins and Fire” flyshop in Oregon - who introduced me to small Dalai Lamas and a couple of custom patterns of his own. Instilled with great advice and new flies I managed to convince fish to bite - and even though I only landed about 50% of those I hooked - What a great time!!!!

I returned to MT fully addicted to steel… So many more new things to learn from flytying to the swing and double handed casting. Flyfishing is certainly a never ending journey!