The Chubby

Well its certainly feels like autumn here in Montana. Cooler days and just the start of the color turn. Up until now - the fly of choice for me has been the "chubby..."

Since the Salmon fly hatch in June I don't believe I've fished too many other flies. It's been the go to for most of the guides I know and it is the best general terrestrial pattern I've used this summer. (maybe because it's all I've tied on!!??) In colors ranging from pink to black - those two have been my favorite. A callebaetis glister and tan have been solid - but invariably I've really only used two main patterns. I'm starting to go smaller in size as the days get cooler and it's a nice change to be throwing 14s as opposed to the 8s and 10s of last month.

A great buddy has just been here from NZ and we managed Goldens, two types of Cut throat, Browns Rainbows and Whitefish in the three days of fishing. All on dries and with 4 weights. Oh what fun. 

This week I'm floating with one of the best guides in town (Rick M) and chasing hogs in a small waterway about an hour from here. Should be great fun as D has been amongst some lovely fish, including one brown of about 9lbs. (NZ size!!!!)

Watch this space as I've got a wee project coming on and it might be of strong interest to those who love the history of our sport and nice bamboo rods...